TLIF2080 -TfNSW Safely access the rail corridor (Release 1) - TfNSW - RISI

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) Network Requirement Course.
Accell (RTO 32213) is approved under Transport for NSW to train and issue network specific TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor.

SX52 Accessing the Rail Corridor(RISI) is an induction training package specifically designed for persons working under the Sydney Trains network. This training introduces participants to the key generic hazards of operating in a rail environment.

TLIF2080 Safely access the rail corridor.

Release Date: 19/10/2015 1.0-5.0

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to enter the rail corridor. It includes taking appropriate safety precautions to: access the danger zone‚ access the rail corridor and respond appropriately in an emergency. People achieving competence in this unit will need to fulfil the applicable state/territory legislated rail safety requirements and to comply with relevant codes of practice, rules and/or guidelines.

This unit involves the application of Rail Infrastructure Manager rules, procedures and protocols for rail safety. This unit applies to all people accessing the rail corridor.

Face to Face: We are able to offer this course across QLD at either your workplace or at one of our training rooms on the Sunshine Coast. Please contact us to confirm a location and price.

Face to Face: Up to 8 hours in the Workshop.

Face to Face only: Internal Delivery

Learner Support:
If a learner requires support services, please contact our office for assistance. This course requires basic Language, Literacy and Numeracy. Assessment requires single choice, multiple choice and short answers.

Face to Face: The assessment comprises of short questions, multiple choice and scenario based questions. Learners must successfully have a minimum pass rate of 100%.

Learner Handbook:
Please read our Learner Handbook prior to enrolment into this course. It contains information to help assist the Learner. The Handbook details information around policies and procedures - please click here to view.


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