Queensland Rail Network Requirement Course.
Target Audience:
Workers who are required to regularly access the rail corridor as part of their role.
This course is aligned to the specific requirements of Queensland Rails Network Rules and Procedures MD-12-189.It is designed to give learners the skills and knowledge required to safely enter and navigate around the rail corridor and danger zone with the permission of the access provider, in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements. It includes following the policies, procedures and protocols of the access provider for situational awareness and rail safety, and to operate under local track protection rules in accordance with safe working and regulatory requirements and workplace procedures, including accessing and interpreting information about track protection requirements, carrying out assigned protection and/or work activities, and responding appropriately to safety incidents and abnormal situations within the limits of personal responsibility.On successful completion of this course learners will obtain a Queensland Rail enterprise qualification as well as the national units of competency:

    • TLIF2080 Safely Access the rail corridor
    • TLIW2001 Operate under track protection rules
    • OPTIONAL: ADD ON TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies for an extra cost. This is required for QR OPERATOR ROLES on RIW.

N.B. This product is under review and may have TLIW2001 removed

Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this package learners will have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Demonstrate how to safely access and work in the rail corridor.
  • Recognise the Danger Zone.
  • Identify and access a Safe Place.
  • Identify the direction of approaching traffic.
  • Apply minimum sighting distances.
  • Maintain situational awareness to identify potential risks.
  • Identify and explain the use of communication tools when working in the rail environment.
  • Identify electrical safety hazards, risks and controls used in the rail corridor
  • Identify and report unsafe situations within the rail environment.
  • Undertake work activities under local track protection rules in accordance with safeworking rules, procedures and regulatory requirements

Face to Face: Internal Delivery.

up to 8 Hours for QR3.2

3 years

Assessment Method:
The learners will be assessed to determine their competence using both a theory and practical assessment.


  • NHS Category 3 Health Assessment required for the role of ‘Working in the Rail Corridor’

Learner Handbook:
Please read our Learner Handbook prior to enrolment into this course. It contains information to help assist the Learner. The Handbook details information around policies and procedures – please click here to view.

QR3.2 – (TLIF2080 TLIW2001) = The cost per person is $320.00.
ADD on TLIF2010 = The cost per person is $130.00. (must be completed with QR3.2)

There is a minimum workshop requirement of 3 persons. Please contact our office to be placed on a waiting list or to check availability of courses running.

We are available to deliver this course throughout QLD – please contact us for a customised price.