Rail Industry Worker Program


Rail Industry Worker is a national competency management system for rail workers.

By law, everyone working on the Australian rail network must be able to provide proof of competency. This is the best way to reduce the risk of untrained people working on the rail network.

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) program provides a single online competency management system for Australian rail workers. It’s owned and endorsed by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) on behalf of members, meets regulatory requirements and complies with national rail safety law.

Contractor engagement and workforce management specialists Pegasus manage the RIW process, including collecting and verifying individual records, skills sets, training and competencies, and producing, distributing and administering associated competency and access cards.

The Pegasus software, Onsite Track Easy, is the real-time online contractor management solution that powers the Rail Industry Worker program. Onsite:

  • provides immediate access to data on rail contractors
  • manages training and inductions
  • administers rail contractor compliance and pre-qualification documents
  • manages the qualifications and competency, including licences and medicals, of all rail workers
  • awards accreditation upon successful completion of inductions and assessments
  • provides tools for audit, investigation and inspection of rail contractors
  • offers online and call centre support

After a 100 point identification check, Pegasus verifies the competence and identification of each applicant before their details are registered in the system and they receive their RIW card.


The RIW Card looks like this:

Rail Industry Worker