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AURAWI – Aurizon Authority to Weld Induction

Pre Requisites
The below Units of Competencies, Rail Medical, RIW card and the Aurizon Authority to Weld Induction
are all required by anyone who is wishing to be issued with an Aurizon Authority to Weld Permit. This profile
is available to view on the Aurizon Rail Industry Worker Matrix.
1. CPCCOHS1001A-Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White/Blue Card)
2. Cat 3 Rail Medical
3. Rail Industry Worker Card (RIWC)
National Certificate II Rail Infrastructure Core Units
TLIB1028 Maintain and Use Hand Tools
TLID1001 Shift Materials using Manual Handling Techniques
TLIE1003 Participate in Basic Workplace Communication
TLIF1001 Follow Occupational Health and Safety Procedures
TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies
TLIF2080C Safely Access the Rail Corridor
TLIU2008 Apply Enviromental Procedures to Rail Infrastructure

National Certificate II Elective Units
TLIB2085 Apply Track Fundamentals
TLIB2092 Operate Minor Mechanical Equipment
TLIB1093 Clean Equipment and Restore Worksite
TLIS2034 Install and Repair Rail Fastening Systems
TLIS2044 Carry Out Rail Installation
National Aluminothermic Welding Training Units
TLIW3015 Weld Rail Using Aluminothermic Welding Process
TLIW3035 Heat and Cut Materials using Oxy-LPG Equipment for the Rail Industry
TLIW2012 Grind Rails
This Induction is a mandatory Aurizon requirement for all Aluminothermic Welders.
4 hours