Enterprise Training


Accell can deliver network specific training as well as design resources to suit business requirements.

↴ TfNSW RISI – SARC Training

↴ ARTC Accredited Safeworking Training

Safe working at ARTC identified categories and records the roles and responsibilities of rail safety workers that are competent to undertake the safe management of rail traffic ensuring that safe separation is maintained between workers and machinery preventing workers from being struck by rail traffic.
ARTC Safeworking training allows the learner to obtain the required skills and knowledge to undertake the above.
On completion of the theory workshop, the learner is required to complete an on the job workbook. Once this is completed, a Final Practical Assessment will be conducted for an appropriate range of situations in the workplace. The Learner is required to source mentoring location and an appropriate mentor to sign off logbook requirements.

Training for ARTC Safeworking Roles NSW are available for:
-Handsignaller Level 1
-Handsignaller Level 2
-Protection Level 1
-Protection Level 2

↴ Aurizon Authority to Weld Theory

This course is designed for those wanting to Aluminothermic Weld on the Aurizon Network.

Prior to completing this course, you will need to meet the Aurizon prerequisites. For more information on these pre-requisites please contact our Office.