TLI32121 Certificate III in Rail Structures


Release Date 21.11.2021
TLI32121 Certificate III in Rail Structures

This is a general qualification for a person engaged in the rail infrastructure environment who performs tasks involving checking and repairing structures through a broad range of skilled applications in a wide variety of contexts. It may involve application of some discretion and judgement in selecting equipment, services or contingency measures. It may also include responsibility for coordinating the work of others.


The entry requirement for this qualification is TLI27121 Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure (Structures) or relevant industry experience gained by working in the rail infrastructure (structures) environment.


The package is a total of 11 units comprising of:

6 x Core Units
TLIE2007 Use communications systems
TLIE2029 Conduct workplace information briefings
TLIF3003 Implement and monitor work health and safety procedures
TLIJ0003 Apply quality systems
TLIS2013 Install minor structures
TLIS3029 Implement structures maintenance and installation of minor structures

Plus all units from one of the elective Groups below

Group A: Steel/Concrete/Masonry Structures Maintenance
TLIB2082 Repair steel structures
TLIB2083 Maintain bridge bearings
TLIB2096 Repair concrete/masonry structures
Group B: Timber Structures Maintenance
TLIB2081 Repair timber structures
TLIS2028 Install and replace transoms

Plus 2 general elective units

Visit for a breakdown of the packaging rules pertaining to this qualification and all available general electives.

Accell can assist you in choosing elective units on enquiry.

A Competent mark in every unit must be received before a certificate can be issued.


This qualification is offered:

  • Internally - Face to face workshop and assessment
  • Combined - A mixture of face to face workshop and external (online) modules via eLearning platform



Face to face workshop and assessment required. Logbooks must be completed in a work environment. Logbook completion must be completed with 12 months of enrolment date.

Assessment - varies per unit

  • Theory assessments
  • Scenario assessments
  • Face to face practical assessments
  • Logbooks
  • Third Party Reports


Training and assessment is self paced through eLearning modules

External Requirements

Participants must have sufficient computer skills, access to a computer or other viewing device (laptop or computer recommended), and a sufficient internet connection to view the course and complete all assessments including uploading video and documents.

By enrolling, learners will create an online profile and gain access to training and assessment through their Learner Portal. They are expected to be able to access, read and interpret a range of learning materials, training activities and assessments via the online platform.

Learners must agree to a Learner Declaration at the completion of each assessment to declare all work is completed independently and is their own.

Assessment - varies per unit

  • Theory assessments
  • Scenario assessments
  • Video assessments
  • Logbooks
  • Third Party Reports

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Learners will need to complete supervised activities in the field (workplace) to complete this course.
On Job Logbooks or Third Party Reports will be supplied for the learner to complete the relevant tasks. 
Once completed, they can be submitted via the Learner Portal.

If a Learner does not have a suitable workplace, the eLearning component can be completed however, a learner will not be able to be issued a Certificate OR Statement of Attainment until the logbook is completed (in the workplace).


Learners must complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment prior to accessing this module. This does not require a pass mark but rather acts as an evaluation and to ensure sufficient language skills and capabilities to complete courses successfully.

**Please allow up to one (1) business day for this to be released. Once this has been completed, please allow up to one (1) business day for the course module to be released.


Please read our Learner Handbook prior to enrolment into this course. It contains information around policies and procedures to help assist the Learner. 

Reasonable Adjustment

To accommodate for learner’s special needs and LLN requirements, assessment instruments are designed to allow for reasonable adjustment, including verbal assessment and the use of a scribe to record answers.
Assessment may be altered to suit the characteristics or equity needs of learners.

All adjustments to assessments will be negotiated with the candidate before the assessment event and will maintain the integrity of the unit of competency. 

If you need any support or clarification, please contact Accell on [email protected] or 07 5445 7998.

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