ARTC SA Track Vehicle Operator


ARTC SA Track Vehicle Operator

This qualification is intended for people who want a career in transport and logistics as a Track Vehicle Operator responsible to operating Road/Rail vehicles on the ARTC rail network where the CoP for the Defined Interstate Rail network and the ARTC addendum rules and procedures apply.

Purpose Statement/Objective

This training course is about the responsibilities a Track Vehicle Operator (TVO) worker requires when operating Road/Rail vehicles as a train on the ARTC Defined Interstate Rail Network from the West End of Dimboola Loop to Parkeston, Crystal Brook to Broken Hill and from Port Augusts to Whyalla, and Adelaide Metro including the line to Pelican Point.

Successful completion of the ARTC CoP Track Vehicle Operator assessment of competency allows you to operate Road/Rail vehicles on the ARTC Defined Interstate Rail Network from where the CoP and ARTC Addendum rules and procedures apply and within their area of operations. You will be able to:
  • Obtain permission for the purpose of operating a road/rail vehicle
  • Operate a road rail vehicle outside the limits of a protected worksite

At the end of this training program, where applicable, you will be able to operate a track vehicle over the applicable routes where:
  • the Centralised Traffic Control (CTC) safeworking systems applies
  • the Absolute Block Signalling (ABS) safeworking system applies
  • the Train Order Working (TOW) safeworking system applies.

Participants must have been assessed competent as a ARTC SA Track Worker Level 2 and has been assessed competent in the following AQF competency units:
  • TLIF0020 Safely Access the Rail Corridor
  • CPCWHS1001 Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry
  • TLIF0027 Perform Lookout Duties
  • TLIF0023 Conduct Track Protection Assessment
  • TLIF2082 Perform Handsignaller Duties
  • TLIW0007 Operate Under Track Protection Rules
  • TLIW2037 Clip and Secure Points
  • TLIF2097 Use Audible Track Warning Devices
  • TLIC0025 Pilot Rail Traffic within Work on Track Authority Limits
  • TLIL0010 Implement Track Occupancy Authority
  • TLIC2054 Access Rail Track to Run Track Vehicle within Defined Worksite
To achieve the role ARTC SA Track Vehicle Operator participants must also hold a minimum of one of the below pre-requisite job roles from the National Plant Matrix:
  • Rail Bound Plant Operator – National
  • Rail Bound Plant Operator Light – National
  • Rail Bound Plant Operator Medium/Heavy – National
  • Road-Rail Plant Operator – National
Participants will also require a Compliant Certificate of Fitness (Category 1).

This training course consists of the following components:
  • Theory training
  • Practical On Job Training
  • Practical Period of On Job Application
  • Assessment of competence
The Volume of Learning (VoL) for this qualification is defined as:
  • Eight (8) days for the RTO Lead training which is structured theory and practical (practical application of theory training is undertaken in either a controlled environment or on the ARTC Network), or...
  • Four (4) days for the RTO Lead Training which is structured theory only, and then a qualified person will work through the Practical Workbook.
  • ARTC have stipulated a minimum of three separate occasions operating a track vehicle movement through each of the applicable safeworking systems is required to complete the Period of On Job Application prior to the initial assessment of competency being administered.
  • Each nominated Registered Training Organisation must follow the ASQA guidelines for this qualification and unless otherwise requested by the learner for an early assessment of competence, the minimum three separate occasions apply.
The four days allocated for the delivery of the theory training applies if all three safeworking systems need to be covered. The off Job theory component will be reduced dependent on the number of safeworking systems which apply to your area of operations.

There are three (3) parts to this competency based training and assessment:
  • RTO Lead Training, this includes both theory and practical lead by an approved trainer or facilitator, this training will be in a structured environment using a practical workbook.
  • Period of on job application – where the Participant continues to practice the tasks under guided supervision of a competent person, recording hours/experience in a logbook;
  • Competency assessment – an assessment of a trainee’s competency by a qualified and competent assessor using an approved competency assessment tool.

If successful, a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment will be issued for the following competency units:
  • TLIC0083 Access Rail Track to Travel Vehicles under a Proceed Authority
  • TLIC0016 Identify and Respond to Signals and Trackside Signs

Reaccreditation courses are also offered.

If you would like to enrol or have any questions, please contact our office on 07 5445 7998,  send an enquiry or e-mail us at [email protected].

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