Points & Crossing Welding



This course involves the skills and knowledge required to weld rails, crossings and switches using an electric welding process, heat and cut materials using OXY/LPG equipment for the rail industry and grind rail in accordance with rail industry standards, safeworking and regulatory requirements, and workplace procedures.

Target Group
Participants in this course should ideally have on the job experience working under the guidance of a qualified points and crossing welder.

Units of competency covered within this Course
  • TLIW0036 Apply electric welding process to rail
  • TLIW0005 Grind switches and crossings
  • TLIW0006 Heat and cut materials using oxy-LPG equipment for the rail industry
Description and learning out comes:
  • The skills and knowledge required to weld rails, crossings and switches using an electric welding process in accordance with rail industry standards, safeworking and regulatory requirements, and workplace procedures.
  • Using non-destructive testing to locate defects; preparing rails, crossings or switches for welding; gouging or grinding; setting up welding equipment; performing welding operations; checking weld conformance; and completing required documentation. These processes are used to repair rail surface defects and restore rail profile to plain rail, crossings and switches.
  • The skills and knowledge required to grind switches and crossings in accordance with rail network standards, safeworking and regulatory requirements, and workplace procedures.
  • Determining job requirements, grinding weld and/or weld repair, grinding switches and crossings to repair surface defects, and completing all required documentation.

Refer to the competency matrices for the Rail Network you will operate within for a list of pre-requisites
RIW – National Track & Civil Matrix
RSW – Aurizon Track, Civil & Structures Matrix

Previous experience in the arc welding of points and crossings

Face-to-Face sessions will be held at the Clients Facility and all equipment and consumables are to be provided by the client.

Course duration:
  • 4 Days (Attendees - minimum 4/maximum 6)
  • Final Assessment will be conducted on Day 4
  • Theory assessment
  • Logbook
  • Practical assessment
On successful completion of the theory session, each attendee must complete the required number of welds (5) and record in the “Welders Logbook” and submit them for assessment.
Note: any welds performed during the training session will count as part of these 5 welds.

Competency is achieved for the three units of competency when all assessment tasks have received a satisfactory mark.

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Learners must complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment prior to commencing the course. This does not require a pass mark but rather acts as an evaluation and to ensure sufficient language skills and capabilities to complete courses successfully.


Please read our Learner Handbook prior to enrolment into this course. It contains information to help assist the Learner. The Handbook details information around policies and procedures - please click here to view.

Reasonable Adjustment

To accommodate for learner’s special needs and LLN requirements, assessment instruments are designed to allow for reasonable adjustment, including verbal assessment and the use of a scribe to record answers.
Assessment may be altered to suit the characteristics or equity needs of learners.

All adjustments to assessments will be negotiated with the candidate before the assessment event and will maintain the integrity of the unit of competency. 

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