For student’s to be compliant as an Around the Track Personnel and QR Operators, they are required to undertake a Category 3 Medical.

The medical includes an assessment of:

  • Hearing (up to 2000 Hz)
  • Vision
  • Mobility

This medical is valid from the date of the issue until the employee reaches 40 years of age. Periodic health assessments every 5 years thereafter are necessary.

They are for anyone who are non-safety critical workers where their health will not impact directly on the safety of the rail network or the public. These medical assessments will check the ability of a worker to walk in the rail corridor, work under supervision and identify and move to a safe place.

Once you have obtained this, it will need to be uploaded to RIW and will then sit against any Job Roles that require this as a pre-requisite.

Unfortunately, at this time, Accell is unable to offer Category 3 Medicals to our students.

However, we recommend organising this service through Sonic Health or Jobfit due to their wide variety of locations and availability Australia wide.

To read more and find locations near you, please click the links above to be directed to their websites.