The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Program supports the rail industry by giving participant organisations full visibility of workers moving between projects and employers, maintaining a single electronic record about each worker’s health, education and competencies.

This ensures that work is carried out by qualified people and enhances overall safety on rail networks across Australia. The program also meets regulatory requirements and complies with Rail Safety National Law.

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card is not a qualification. It is an identification card, with a photograph and a unique number and QR Code.

The RIW card stores information about the card holder e.g. valid job roles, network inductions and national units of competency held.  Card holder are linked to an employer/s where the company administrator maintains the job roles and competency information of employees.

Each person must be assigned a role in the system. One person can hold many roles. Each role has a set of requirements, which are outlined in that networks matrices. Rail Operator matrices sometimes differ from each other, it is recommended you check the requirements of the rail operator for the chosen job role within the network.

Please visit Rail Industry Worker for more information on the program.