What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process of an individual’s previously obtained skills and knowledge that has been achieved outside the formal education and training system.

RPL could provide you with a full or part qualification and avoid duplication of training. It could be used to identify what training you may need to complete a qualification or provide a pathway to higher qualifications.

How does it work?

RPL can be obtained through an individual’s formal qualifications, non-formal and informal learning in relation to the established criteria and requirements of a given qualification. The Standards for RTO’s 2015 defines:

Formal Learning as learning that takes place through a structured program of instruction and is linked to the attainment of an AQF qualification or statement of attainment.

Non-Formal Learning as learning that takes place through a structured program of instruction but does not lead to the attainment of an AQF qualification or statement of attainment for example in-house professional development programs.

Informal Learning as learning that results through experience of work-related, social, family, hobby, or leisure activities.

The RPL process will include a competency conversation with the applicant, and a competency conversation with at least one supervisor / employer covering the applicable unit requirements.

➢ Accell may request applicants undertake challenge assessments. These include knowledge and practical tasks and are in addition to the competency conversation.

What evidence is required for an RPL?

Your Trainer and Assessor will be looking at the quality of your evidence submitted, rather than the quantity of evidence that you provide. For your application to be successful the evidence you supply will need to demonstrate to the assessor that you have the required skills and knowledge that meets the standards identified in the performance criteria for the unit.

When an RPL candidate provides a verified training record or academic transcript that shows that they have already attained the same unit of competency, then Credit Transfer must be granted, and no further evidence or further training is required to satisfy recognition of that unit of competency.

How much does it cost?

There is no set price for every RPL. This is all dependant on the unit/s of competency or qualification you desire to achieve.

Once Accell have received the evidence and can determine you are eligible, we will send you a quote/invoice to proceed with your RPL.

Undertake a self-assessment which involves comparing your skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience with the competencies for which you are seeking recognition, and then submitting this with supporting evidence as part of your rpl application.

Compile supporting evidence (evidence portfolio) to demonstrate that you have the required level of competency in the units that you are seeking recognition for. The term ‘evidence’ applies to anything you produce to verify your skills, knowledge and experience, and must be matched to the elements and performance criteria of a unit of competence.

You should also provide a resume or consecutive list of recent employment, which includes dates of employment, description of work undertaken, and contact details of the employer or supervisor. Contact information for supervisors / employers must reflect the workplace / organisation.

Once you are ready to discuss your RPL opportunities, please call Accell on 07 5445 7998 or email [email protected] with your evidence.