ARTC NSW Safeworking Level 2

This qualification is intended for people who want to further their career in transport and logistics as a Safeworking Level 2 for ARTC NSW.


ARTC NSW Safeworking Level 2

This qualification is intended for people who want a career in transport and logistics as a Safeworking Level 2 for ARTC.

Purpose Statement/Objective

Safeworking Level 2 responsibilities on the ARTC NSW managed rail network.

At the end of this training program, you will be able to follow the correct procedure for switching IN/OUT local control panels and for managing rail traffic movements during Pilot Staff Working and CAN Block Working.
Assessment Strategy

Participants completing this course have been assessed competent to conduct Handsignaller Level 2 and Safeworking Level 1 duties on the ARTC NSW rail network and must hold the following AQF competency units:
  • TLIF2080TLIF0020: Safely Access the Rail Corridor and
  • CPCCWHS1001: Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry
  • TLIF2081: Perform lookout duties
  • TLIF2082: Perform handsignaller duties
  • TLIC2081: Pilot rail traffic within work on track authority limits
  • TLIW2001: Operate under track protection rules
  • TLIW2037: Clip and secure points
  • TLIF2097: Use audible track warning devices
  • TLIC0084: Access rail track to travel track vehicles under manual block working conditions
  • TLIF3058: Apply safeworking rules and regulations to rail functions
  • TLIW3026: Operate stand alone signalling points control equipment
  • TLIC2078: Identify and respond to signals and trackside signs.
Participants will also require Compliant Certificate of Fitness (Category 1)


This training course consists of the following components:
  • Theory training
  • Practical On Job Training
  • Practical Period of On Job Application
  • Assessment of competence
The Volume of Learning (VoL) for this qualification is defined as:
  • Two(2) days for the RTO Lead training which is structured theory and practical (practical application of theory training is undertaken in either a controlled environment or on the ARTC Network), or...
  • Three (3) days for the RTO Lead Training which is structured theory only, and then a qualified person will work through the Practical Workbook.
  • ARTC have recommended a minimum number of three (3) separate conditions conducting Safeworking Level 2 tasks during Pilot Staff Working conditions. This component of the training is defined as the Period of On Job Application.
  • Each nominated Registered Training Organisation must follow the ASQA guidelines for this qualification and unless otherwise requested by the learner for an early assessment of competence, the minimum three separate occasions apply.

There are three (3) parts to this competency based training and assessment:
  • RTO Lead Training this includes both theory and practical lead by an approved trainer or facilitator, this training will be in a structured environment using a practical workbook;
  • Period of on job application –where the participant continues to practice the tasks under guided supervision of a qualified person, recording hours/experience in a logbook;
  • Competency assessment –an assessment of a trainee’s competency by a qualified assessor using an approved competency assessment tool.

There are no additional AQF competency units awarded with successful completion of this training course.

Reaccreditation courses are also offered.


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