One of the employees in our Sister Company, Rodney, was ready to take one a new adventure in being one of Accell’s new and upcoming trainers. To do this Rodney needed to undergo his TAE training before he could become a qualified trainer for Accell. Sharing his creative flare he decided to write a poem about his journey and share it with his work family.

“Twelve months ago, I started a course named T.A.E

Not really knowing what was in store for me

Two weeks of training was rolled into one

I thought what was I doing, what have I DONE?

All of a sudden, its units and numbers that we’re talking

Too much for me I thought and that’s when I started baulking

Is it for Me? Is this really what I wanted to do?

But I made a commitment, so I’ll try and see it through.

Sue (Hill) was great and helped whenever she could

“You have it in you, it’s there I know you’ll be good”

The type of support and belief that I would need

If this T.A.E thing is what I will succeed.

Work being full-on, I let it all fall on the wayside

To even attempt anything well, I really never tried

But life had its ways of turning things upside down

And time for giving is a good shot came back around.

Its time to really give this a really good sow

The hours, days and weeks they come, and they go

Someone else now has joined with me on this trip

Helen is her name and boy does she crack the whip.

Fairness, equity, mapping TLIF’s and BSB’s

And believe me there’s much more like these,

But with nothing to lose and yes so much more for me to gain

By doing what I love and helping all that I hope to train.”

Rodney Owens – 25th of February 2021